Police Briefs

Friday September 20, 2002

Nasty shove 

A female employee at a Jack in the Box restaurant on the 2100 block of San Pablo Avenue was shoved Wednesday afternoon by an adult male who refused to move from outside the shop, police said. The male stood in front of the restaurant for longer than an hour when the employee finally went out side to ask him to move. The male subsequently pushed her and refused to budge. The employee then called police, but opted not to press charges. 

Hit and run 

A car chase and fist fight followed a car collision late Tuesday night, police said. Two cars collided at the corner of Ashby and San Pablo avenues. When one car sped away toward Oakland, the driver in the other car chased after it. Several block into west Oakland the two male drivers left their cars and began to throw punches. No one was injured. 

Car burglary 

A robber snatched an Aiwa car stereo from an unlocked car on the 1800 block of Short Street late Wednesday, said police. 


- Matthew Artz