Bay Area Briefs

Saturday September 21, 2002

Fairfield police investigate  

pipe bombing 

FAIRFIELD –Fairfield police are still investigating the explosion of a pipe bomb in a parked car on San Clemente Street Wednesday night. No one was injured. 

Police said they heard the 10:10 p.m. explosion a mile away from the blast that threw metal from the destroyed 1987 Subaru GL into homes and cars as far away as 200 feet. 

Lt. Mike Hill said Friday police have information regarding a suspect or suspects but declined further comment on the investigation. The owner of the car has been identified, Hill said. 

The rear end of the vehicle was blown out and the car was engulfed in flames when police arrived. 

The pipe bomb blast was the second violent explosion in Solano County within a week.  

Vallejo police are investigating the firebombing of a Vallejo home on Sept. 13. Four suspects threw Molotov cocktails into a Miller Street home, sending twin, 12-year-old boys to the hospital with serious burns. 

Hill said Fairfield police see no connection between the two incidents. 

Judge denies 13-year-old’s request for injunction 

FAIRFAX — A Marin County Superior Court judge cleared the way for Friday’s election at White Hill Middle School. 

The judge Thursday rejected a request from a 13-year-old student to halt the vote until resolution of a suit she filed as a candidate for student body president. 

Eighth-grader Elektra Fike-Data sued the school for refusing to let her give a campaign speech that involved student participation. 

Judge Michael Dufficy refused to halt the election, but Fike-Data’s attorney says his client will pursue the suit anyhow. 

“I’m not in this to win the battle, I’m in this to win the war,” said attorney James Wall. “Life is a series of setbacks, but you have to go on.” 

Fike-Data had planned to ask the assembled students to all scoot over a few inches and introduce themselves to the person sitting next to them. 

Then she would say “See, I just cleaned the gym and improved student relations. Just think of what I could do in a year as president.” 

The school rejected the speech because of the participation aspect. 

Officials say a rule banning student participation in such speeches has been in place for years. 

“The real issue is that a 13-year-old girl wanted to get students to scoot five inches to the left then five inches to the right and shake hands with the person next to them,” Wall said. “If that is so frightening that it threatens the security of the school, then other issues need to be addressed, not Elektra’s speech.” 

8th-grader threatens to shoot  

KENTFIELD — A Kent Middle School student may be expelled for allegedly firing a pellet gun at one classmate and threatening another on campus this week. 

The eighth-grade boy said, “I wonder if this hurts,” then allegedly shot another boy in the thigh with a plastic pellet, according to Marin County sheriff’s deputy Gary Wilbanks. The victim suffered a welt on his leg. 

The boy then showed the gun to other students and threatened to shoot one of them with a real gun when the boy said he was going to turn him in.