Bay Area Briefs

Tuesday September 24, 2002

Read Bay Area’s Olympic bid on the Internet 

The Bay Area team seeking to bring the Olympics to the region in 2012 said Monday it has placed its proposal on the Internet, pointing out that most of the needed facilities are ready and waiting. 

If the Bay Area Sports Organizing Committee succeeds in beating New York City to become the U.S. candidate, and then in three years becomes the international choice for the 30th Olympiad, the activities would stretch from Napa County through both San Francisco and the East Bay to Santa Clara County and even Monterey's old Fort Ord campus. 

Added to the appeal of the Bay Area's bid is the region's moderate summer climate, renowned geography, cultural diversity and wealth of existing athletic venues. The boosters are calling their loop of sporting structures around the Bay the “Ring of Gold.”  

Partly because 80 percent of the needed infrastructure is already in place, proponents say the games would produce a $7 billion economic boost for the region and turn a $400 million profit for the U.S. Olympic Movement. 

The roughly 1,000-page bid, including finances and transportation plans, is available on the Internet at www.basoc2012.org. 

The next word for Bay Area Olympic boosters is expected on Nov. 3, when the U.S. Olympic Committee will select the U.S. candidate city. The United States has hosted the Games eight times. 

Richmond landfill fire out but area hot 

RICHMOND – A Richmond Fire Department spokesman says a two-acre landfill fire appears to be extinguished but firefighters will stay at the scene overnight in case it starts back up. 

Battalion Chief Jim Fajardo said the damaged portion of the landfill, which is located at the end of Parr Boulevard west of Richmond Parkway near Richmond, appeared black at 10:30 p.m. However, firefighters continued to spray water because of an unusual amount of steam, which he said means the area is still hot. 

“It looks impressive but not as impressive as the fire and smoke,” he said. 

The fire started at about 7 p.m. Crews assisted from Contra Costa County Fire Protection District, Pinole, Rodeo/Hercules, Richmond, Martinez, Lafayette, Moraga and Orinda.