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Here’s to democracy in Berkeley

Ron Rice Berkeley
Wednesday September 25, 2002

To the Editor: 

Democracy in Berkeley is to be much applauded. This week’s Parks and Recreation Committee patiently listened for two hours as 38 members of the community were each given the opportunity to speak. One speaker said that democracy in Berkeley is slow and challenging, but in the end, we in Berkeley end up with fabulous and unique accomplishments, like Dreamland for Kids, like the Harrison Street Skatepark, like the Pedestrian Overpass. 

It is precisely this engaged citizenry, this active creative and vital community which makes Berkeley a wonderful place.  

I can only hope that the school board will take its head out of the shell and start promoting democracy. Listen to citizen and community concerns, enter into dialog with us, involve us in problem solving. 

Don't keep emphasizing the “unified” in an attempt to homogenize and Mcdonaldize our community. Before you make any further cuts in the budget, or any additional changes to basic curriculum and schedules, hold democratic, public meetings, listen to your advisory committees and utilize what is rich and right with Berkeley.  


Ron Rice