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We enjoy our Eastshore State Park

Ruth Bird
Thursday September 26, 2002

To the Editor, 

I have attended most of the meetings about the Eastshore State Park plan and have heard no one speak in favor of the overdevelopment and over-concretization envisioned by the state. Most people enjoy the area, especially the Albany Bulb, as it is, with possible slight improvements such as toilets. Some speakers see the plan as a grab for control, control, control by the state and money, money, money by the concrete contractors. There were lyrical praises for friendly people, happy dogs, birds in the trees and little animals in the grass. Playing fields are needed, but not in waterfront areas. There are safer and more accessible locations. 

Save the Seabreeze. Small local enterprises like this are much more appropriate than generic cafes and shops. 

Bird breeding areas could be delineated as they are at Pt. Isabel, with slight limitation to, but not elimination of, off-leash dogs. 


Ruth Bird