Santa Cruz denounces an attack on Iraq

The Associated Press
Thursday September 26, 2002

SANTA CRUZ — Upholding its famously liberal leanings, the Santa Cruz City Council has passed a resolution denouncing any pending military strike on Iraq led by U.S. forces. 

Tuesday’s 6-0 council vote even outpaced its liberal neighbor, Berkeley. Last year, Berkeley passed a resolution condemning the bombing of Afghanistan, but the city has yet to address the intensifying situation in Iraq. 

With passage of the resolution, the City Council authorized Mayor Christopher Krohn to send letters to President Bush and other national leaders relaying the council’s sentiments. 

“Locals brought this issue forward,” Krohn said. “Locals (would) fight this war. Some will not come back.” 

Though local supporters presented a petition with hundreds of signatures backing the resolution, there was some dissent. One resident, Bill Codiga, said the resolution was inappropriate and a waste of city time and money. His comments drew hisses from the crowd. 

Mayor Krohn and the City Council have made other headlines as of late, most recently for attending a marijuana giveaway in the courtyard of city hall in response to a federal agency raid on local medical marijuana farmers.