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Are 7 days a big headache for stadium neighbors?

Kenny Byerly
Friday September 27, 2002

To the Editor: 

Neighbors of UC Berkeley's Memorial Stadium should quit their whining. Just because seven days a year they have to carefully time their shopping trips, they want the university to throw away 70 years of tradition and build a whole new stadium, inconveniencing tens of thousands of students, Cal fans, and alumni. Unless these residents moved in prior to 1928, they knew exactly what they were getting into by living near a stadium. Seven days of inconvenience is not that many, especially if you're told in advance exactly when they're going to happen. 

I'm glad the university has control of the situation. The Hayward fault is a definite concern that should be taken under consideration, but my vote is to keep the stadium right where it is, if for no other reason to keep these crybabies in a tizzy. 


Kenny Byerly