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Against a playing fields joint powers authority

Thursday October 03, 2002

To the Editor: 

I object to the City Council lending support to the formation of a Joint Powers Authority with Berkeley as a member since this type of written support implies a future commitment to the JPA, and there has been none of tbe public input required before formation. A Joint Powers Association is not “a mechanism for multiple agencies to jointly manage and operate a regional facility,” but a Marks-Roos bond pooling instrument which allows a group of municipalities to issue bonds without citizen input for the benefit of one or more of the members, and each member is then liable for the repayment of the full amount of the bond. Marks-Roos Community Facilities Districts (including JPAs) are formed for finance only and no provisions are made for the co-management or operation of these facilities. 

By sending this letter to the city of Albany, the council will be committing its support, not only financially but as a matter of policy, to the creation and financing of playing fields in the new Eastshore Park without the input of those who will be most affected: the citizens and tax(bond)payers of Berkeley. 


Rhiannon, Berkeley