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Deciding about height restrictions

Angela Canepa
Friday October 04, 2002


To the Editor: 

Thank you Nancy Bickel, your letter (Daily Planet Forum, Sept. 18) convinced me to support Measure P. When you stated that you admire Oakland, San Jose, Livermore, Fremont, and Mountain View for their growth strategies, you convinced me to vote for Measure P. I moved to Berkeley to get away from this kind of overcrowding. 

I would never want Berkeley to turn into one of these cities. If Nancy Bickel and Councilmember Linda Maio have these cities in mind when thinking about the future of Berkeley, I hope then can promote their ideas there and leave Berkeley alone. 

As Nancy Bickel stated, Berkeley downtown has become a vibrant, enjoyable place, but so is Shattuck and Vine and Fourth avenues. Neither of these location required new four and five story buildings to create a enjoyable place to visit. I wonder what Nancy Bickel thinks about the monstrous buildings on Sacramento. Are these buildings necessary to create a vibrant neighborhood? Are these neighborhoods in need of a sore thumb to liven them up? 


Angela Canepa