Wild dogs impose on condo residents

The Associated Press
Friday October 04, 2002


SAN JOSE — A herd of 30 wild hogs have made their home in a condominium complex, where they are wrecking the landscape, multiplying and scaring people away. 

The California Department of Fish and Game said its not unusual for wild pigs, mountain lions and deer to move into human communities near open spaces. 

State officials said this years’ exceptionally dry conditions have made the irrigated lawns of the California Maison, a condominium complex at the edge of San Jose’s greenbelt, appealing to the pigs, some weighing as much as 400 pounds each. 

Officials said the pigs have poor vision and usually will try to avoid humans. However if they feel cornered, they may attack. 

The complex has set traps and caught five pigs. State officials do not allow hunting in or near the condominium. Officials think a good fence will be more effective for keeping the pigs away until rain starts again, when they hope the pigs will go back to the oak woodlands areas.