East Bay ferry service to stop boats next year

The Associated Press
Saturday October 05, 2002

ALAMEDA — The Blue & Gold Fleet has filed paperwork with the California Public Utilities Commission to end ferry service between Alameda, Oakland and several San Francisco piers starting in January. 

No other company offers daily commuter ferry service from the East Bay to San Francisco. 

The PUC filing last month came as contract negotiations between the City of Alameda and the Blue & Gold continued. 

Blue & Gold Fleet spokeswoman Marla Bryant said the company is losing money on the service, at least $250,000 over the last year. 

Ridership has fallen from a total of 540,000 boardings a year — from Alameda and Oakland to San Francisco — to about 445,000 total boardings last year, said Alameda’s ferry manager Ernest Sanchez.