Activists seek action against loggers

The Associated Press
Saturday October 05, 2002

SAN FRANCISCO — Environmentalists embroiled in a lawsuit against Pacific Lumber Co. asked a Humboldt County Superior Court judge on Friday to enforce two of his previous orders concerning the company’s logging. 

The motion was filed days after Pacific Lumber Co. sent Judge John Golden a letter telling him the company’s interpretation of the two previous motions. The judge responded that court procedure prohibited him from reading the letter. 

Golden’s first order was issued Aug. 29 and banned the timber company from logging land that did not have a valid timber harvest plan. A Sept. 27 order denied motions by Pacific Lumber and the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection to reconsider the initial order. The Sept. 27 order specifically exempted six of Pacific Lumber’s timber harvest plans from the order. 

The company has taken the position that the ban applies to all unapproved timber harvest plans, and it reiterated that in its letter.