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Push for ball fields needs support, not money

Doug Fielding
Monday October 07, 2002


To the Editor: 


Your reader, Rhiannon, who commented (Forum, Oct. 3) on the sports field joint powers authority (JPA) is misinformed as to its nature and purpose. The JPA is being formed because the California Department of Parks has indicated they need such an entity to develop and manage playing fields in the park. There are already some rather substantial existing financial resources for the development of the playing fields that do not involve the issuance of bonds. For example, the city of Albany is sitting on almost $1 million specifically set aside for this purpose and monies from Proposition 40 could also be used. The Berkeley City Council has not made any formal financial or legal commitment and will not be doing so until a host of issues have been resolved. 


Doug Fielding 

Association of Sports Field Users