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Questioning war

Bruce Joffe
Tuesday October 08, 2002

To the Editor:  


I gratefully commend and support Representative Nancy Pelosi's opposition to Dick Cheney and George W. Bush's war for oil and empire. In contrast, it amazes me how Representative Richard Gephardt can call himself a “democratic leader” when he has just bent over and endorsed war against Iraq. Gephardt has broken the channel for responsible people to communicate their opposition to the war. If both Democrats and Republicans support Bush's war, how will voters be able to express opposition?  

Sure, Saddam Hussein is a bad man. If he is building weapons of mass destruction, as are half a dozen other despot-ruled countries, the United Nations inspectors will find out soon enough. So, why attack Iraq? Could it be for their oil? Why now? Could it be the election? Why divert resources from fighting al-Qaida? Could it be to maintain public fear and stifle opposition? Why divert resources from repairing our economy? Could it be that many of the crooks have ties to the White House?  

Rep. Pelosi should keep asking these questions. Answering them may turn our country away from Bush's destructive course.  


Bruce Joffe