City Council opposes war

Matthew Artz Daily Planet Staff
Wednesday October 09, 2002

City Council stepped back into the realm of foreign policy Tuesday, voting unanimously for President George W. Bush to seek a diplomatic solution to the current stand off with Iraq. 

Council’s vote proclaimed support for a House resolution introduced by U.S. Congresswoman Barbara Lee, D-Oakland. House Concurrent Resolution 473 calls on the president to work with the United Nations to assure that Iraq complies with weapons inspections. 

Lee’s resolution failed in a congressional committee Monday. 

The Iraq issue has galvanized council, as members of the moderate faction who often refrain from delving into international issues joined the call for action. 

“A first strike by the United States may well lead to greater destabilization in the Middle East, erosion of relationships with our Muslim allies and a derailment of our efforts against terrorism,” wrote councilmembers Polly Armstrong and Miriam Hawley declaring their support for Lee’s resolution. Councilmembers Linda Maio and Maudelle Shirek introduced an identical resolution in support of Lee. 

Tuesday’s action marks the second time this session that council has unanimously opposed the Bush administration, 

On Sept. 10, council expressed its distaste for sections of the Patriot Act, which council members say violates numerous civil liberties. 



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