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Debate over debates

Chris Kavanagh Berkeley
Wednesday October 09, 2002

To The Editor: 


As a Green Party member, Democratic Party operative Bill Mulholland’s remarks (Forum, Sept. 26) regarding Green Party gubernatorial candidate Peter Camejo display not only smug arrogance but an utterly breathtaking contempt for California’s voters. 

As Mulholland confirms, Governor Gray Davis refuses to appear in any formal debate with Camejo and Republican Bill Simon together on the same stage. Davis’ behavior stands in stark contrast to that of his fellow Democratic Party statewide candidates seeking the offices of Secretary of State, Controller and Insurance Commissioner. Unlike Davis, all three of these Democratic candidates have agreed to scheduled debates with their respective Green and Republican party counterparts. This fact alone speaks volumes about Davis’ calculated cynicism and disrespect for California’s voters.  

What is Davis afraid of? Can’t he defend his record before the voters with or without Camejo on the same stage? 

Despite what can only be described as a mainstream media blackout of Camejo’s day-to-day campaign events and policy positions, Camejo, nonetheless, has achieved a breakthrough in receiving a 9 percent statewide vote according to a recent poll (as reported by the Daily Planet). If the state-level Democratic Party of California tolerates this, it should be ashamed. To find out more information about Peter Camejo’s campaign, visit 


Chris Kavanagh