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National issues affect us all

Steve Mackouse
Thursday October 10, 2002

To the Editor: 


There are those who believe that Berkeley’s City Council should not get involved in foreign policy/national/international issues. I am not one of them. Although I am a resident of Berkeley, I am also a citizen of this nation and a member of the international community. As individuals, and as a community, we are affected by world events and government decisions occurring outside our local boundaries. 

I am proud that Dona Spring and the other progressive council members have had the courage for years to speak out and to express to the nation that our city government and the citizens it represents are concerned citizens who not only care about our own community but also care about the lives of others. I have heard repeatedly from friends throughout the nation how inspired and envious they are of our community and how they wish their own local governments had the courage and concern to do the same. 

Now, Polly Armstrong and Miriam Hawley have finally recognized the importance of our foreign policy concerns as a community by following in the footsteps of their progressive colleagues by co-sponsoring an item on the council’s agenda in hopes of avoiding war (Forum, Sept. 3) and I applaud their efforts. 


Steve Mackouse