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Anti-tax group sues Davis

By Jennifer Coleman
Friday October 11, 2002

SACRAMENTO — Saying the energy crisis no longer threatens Californians, an anti-tax group sued Gov. Gray Davis Thursday to end the state of emergency the governor declared nearly two years ago. 

The declaration of a state of emergency gives the governor extraordinary powers, and the National Tax Limitation Committee said there’s no longer any reason for Davis to have that authority. 

“In January of last year, the governor declared an energy emergency. Now that energy crisis and emergency has long since disappeared,” said Lewis Uhler, the group’s president. 

Uhler said his organization had asked in a letter for Davis to “rescind his energy declaration and frankly, the incredible and unilateral powers granted the governor under that emergency.” 

The governor has not called off the energy emergency because the state is in a transition period as it prepares to exit the energy business, said Davis.