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A vote for Camejo

David Heller
Monday October 14, 2002

To the Editor: 


One must ask oneself if Green Party gubernatorial candidate Peter Camejo’s ideas for solutions to the growing number of California problems are so bad, so out of step with what the average Californian, why would Gray Davis go to such extremes to keep him out of the debate. Why is Gray yellow about Green? 

I have heard Camejo speak and he is offering ideas that make lots of sense. For instance, Davis bailed out the utilities for $12 billion while creating a paltry $10 million solar power fund to encourage people to put photovoltaic cells on their roofs. That’s a 1,200 to one ratio. Where would California be with $12 billion dollars of solar cells on our roofs? We would no longer have a power crisis. Camejo would invest in renewable energy sources to break our dependence on out of state blackmailers. 

Camejo is also pushing very hard for statewide instant runoff voting, so people will have the free speech right to vote for who they really like without felling conflicted. As long as we have an electoral system which only allows two parties, we will have corrupt politicians. The debate in this country must be widened.  


David Heller