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Bush against Saddam?

James K. Sayre
Thursday October 17, 2002

To the Editor: 


I must applaud the recent brilliant and humane suggestion of an Iraqi official (Daily Planet, Oct. 4) for a duel between Bush and Saddam to settle their ongoing personal feud mano-a-mano. 

Of course, Bush has a well-documented history of avoiding armed combat, so maybe instead of a duel, there could be a series of competitive athletic events – a sort of personal two-man Olympics. Both men are physically fit and pride themselves in their fitness. 

This would be a great chance for the two leaders to “put-up or shut-up.” The events could include arm-wrestling, Indian-style wrestling, javelin throwing, swimming, weight lifting, horseback riding and other events. It would be a great matchup: the 65-year-old Saddam vs. the 55-year-old Bush. The winner would stay in power, while the loser would resign his position and take his gang/administration with him into exile.  

For most people of the world, this contest and its result would be a proverbial “win-win” situation, with either the bully Saddam removed from power or the bully Bush removed from power. One down and one to go… 

This traditional method of settling a personal feud would have the important virtue of saving thousands of Iraqi and American lives. 

This would be the sporting event of the decade and could be shown to millions of viewers around the world. Former U. N. inspectors could be the referees and judges, while our Las Vegas bookies would be only too happy to post betting odds on each event in the match. 


James K. Sayre