Joe Lieberman discusses policy in S.F.

By Colleen Valles The Associated Press
Wednesday October 23, 2002

SAN FRANCISCO — Sen. Joe Lieberman called again Tuesday for the federal government to adopt an economic stimulus package, while he criticized President Bush’s handling of the economy. 

The Connecticut Democrat, speaking at a conference of the Direct Marketers Association, echoed proposals he made last week during a speech at the NASDAQ market site in his own economic recovery plan, which included tax incentives to spark investment and growth in high-tech industries. 

“I think we cannot wait any longer for the natural forces to pull this economy out of the ditch of stagnation it is in now,” he said. 

Lieberman also criticized how Bush has dealt with the economy, saying he hasn’t seen a strategy for growth from the current administration. 

“There has been no economic growth or recovery plan, and no leadership on the economy,” he said. 

The Republican National Committee rejected that argument. 

Economic leadership takes more than words,” said Tracey Schmitt, a spokeswoman for the committee.