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Sacramento State players in hot water over cooking spray

The Associated Press
Friday November 15, 2002

HELENA, Mont. – Despite their best efforts, Sacramento State players have gotten themselves into a sticky situation.  

Several of the Hornets greased their jerseys with nonstick cooking spray on the sideline during their 31-24 loss at Montana last weekend, the Big Sky Conference said Thursday.  

Before determining a punishment, the league and Sacramento State are trying to figure out how many players used the spray and whether coaches knew. Sacramento State athletic director Terry Wanless said he still is investigating but believes only three players were involved.  

“We’ll decide the penalty, depending upon who we find at the bottom of the pile,” Big Sky commissioner Doug Fullerton said. He expected to announce his decision Friday.  

“I think it’s a serious ethical breach,” Fullerton added.  

Hornets coach John Volek said he didn’t know anything about the apparent incident, but he was not on the sideline during Saturday’s game. He was serving a one-game suspension for complaining about officiating in his team’s 31-30 loss to Montana State a week earlier.