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A vote against the rent board

Saul Grabia Berkeley
Monday November 18, 2002

To the Editor: 


The Berkeley Rent Board “progressives” should be disbanded, fined and jailed for their illegal and immoral harassment of Berkeley landlords. Recently, they came up with another brilliant idea: a zero rent increase for 2003. In their infinite wisdom they believe that it costs absolutely nothing to maintain a rental property. It costs absolutely nothing to paint, pay property taxes, water, garbage, and something closely related: The fees for the rent board itself. 

Also closely related, we have progressive Councilmember Kriss Worthington who chimes in: “This represents a fair return on investment.” This shows a solid understanding of economics that explains why, under progressive leadership, Berkeley is suffering such horrendous budget deficits and the scrapping of school programs, school closures, potholes and crime. 

The Daily Planet reported two different salary disputes (Daily Planet, Oct. 28). The first was by UC lecturers and the second was by city of Berkeley firefighters. The UC lecturers were demanding wage increases of more than 23 percent while the firefighters were approved by the Berkeley City Council for a 7.6 percent increase this year, a 5 percent increase next year, and 6 percent more the following year. So, let me see: If you work directly for the city you deserve a 7.6 percent wage increase while if you work for yourself as an apartment provider you deserve zero. Now that’s what I call progressive. 


Saul Grabia