Police Blotter

Tuesday June 01, 2004

Shooting Victim Gives Cops Silent Treatment 

Berkeley Police were summoned to Kaiser’s Oakland emergency room in the wee hours of Thursday morning. They found a gentleman with a gunshot wound who would only volunteer that he’d been ventilated outside a Berkeley liquor store on Allston Way. 

Pressed for details, he clammed up. 


Assault with a Deadly Brolly? 

Police are calling it an assault with a deadly weapon, and so it seemed to the woman riding her bicycle along Grant Street near Channing Way at 9:30 Thursday morning. 

When one member of a band of three teenagers laid into her with an umbrella, the others grabbed her bike, according to Berkeley Police spokesperson Officer Joe Okies. 

The hapless cyclist sustained no serious injuries in the dustup. 


Gun-toting Bandits Rob Woman 

Two young males, one packing a piece, accosted a woman on Gilman Street near Fifth Street about 6 p.m. Thursday. When they demanded cash, she complied. 


Arc Sparks Spark Traffic Snarl 

A fire engine and police rolled to a report of power lines arcing on College Avenue Thursday night, halting traffic between Garber and Russell streets from 9:13 to 9:39 p.m. 

The problem resolved, patrol cars and fire engines departed and traffic resumed.H