Police Blotter

Tuesday June 08, 2004

Berkeley Man Slain in Richmond Drive-by 

A 20-year-old Berkeley man died Friday night and two others were lightly wounded after shots erupted from a car that pulled up alongside theirs at a Richmond intersection. 

Andre Foster was rushed to Doctors Hospital in San Pablo, where he was pronounced dead after the 10:38 p.m. drive-by attack. 

Richmond police spokesperson Sgt. Enos Johnson said Foster was driving a blue Chevrolet station wagon on South 23rd Street near Ohio Avenue when a white station wagon—possibly a Chevrolet or Buick—pulled alongside and one or more of its occupants opened fire. 

The driver was described only as an African American male dressed in dark clothing. There may have been other occupants of the car, similarly clad. 

Neither of Foster’s passengers, Oakland residents ages 16 and 20, was seriously injured. 

Johnson requested anyone with information about the crime to call 620-6614. Detective Mitch Peixoto is conducting the investigation. 


Cheesy Heist Ends with Arrest 

A 54-year-old Berkeley man was arrested early Thursday evening after he strong-armed a shopper outside the Berkeley Bowl at 2020 Oregon St. and tried to make off with a bag containing what turned out to be two blocks. 

The irate shopper fought back, and when the dust settled, the shopper had the blocks of cheese and the robber had a new pair of shiny steel bracelets. 


Evades Gang of Four, Keeps Scooter 

When four young males tried to strongarm a scooter from a rider at Eighth Street and Channing Way shortly before 8 p.m. Friday, the resourceful would-be victim made good his escape by fleeing into his nearby home and locking the door. 


Traffic Stop Leads to Really Bad Day 

What began as a routine traffic stop at 63rd and California streets Sunday evening quickly turned into something else when Berkeley police discovered a driver holding a dealer-quantity stash of cocaine. 

The upset driver tried to resist, laying hands on one of the arresting officers. That earned the 31-year-old motorist three criminal charges—possession of cocaine for sale, battery on a police officer and interfering with an officer—and a new temporary home in the Berkeley hoosegow.Q