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Buckwheat Pancake

Friday July 02, 2004




Grind the seeds and mix to a paste with water. Make the batter a little thinner than for regular pancakes. Pour into a well-seasoned, lightly-oiled pan. If the batter is thin enough, the edges will be lacy. Cover with a lid and cook over a medium to brisk flame for at least three minutes. Turn and cook for two more minutes, lid on. Remove the lid and finish cooking if necessary, turning the pancake until it is crispy and browned on both sides. It will still be soft inside. 

Buckwheat pancakes take all kinds of treatment, from a small amount of salt and butter, to jam or honey, and of course sour cream or yogurt. They are sturdy enough to accommodate more substantial fillings, such as spicy potatoes or sauteed mushrooms. Roll up and serve these with home-made tomato sauce. Or top the pancake while it is still in the pan with well-cooked ground beef, sauteed separately with salt, ground allspice and black pepper. For those who fear mad-cow disease, Andronico’s lean ground sirloin is inspected twice. Sprinkle the top with chopped red onion and add a splash of tahini to complete the dish. 

Buckwheat may not be a true cereal, but as a substitute, it has been serendipitously named. As for the fiber—that’s real.