Police Blotter

Friday July 16, 2004

Albany Shooting Ends in Berkeley Crash  

Albany police are looking for the shooter who injured a passing westbound motorist on Interstate 80 Wednesday as he drove through the city. 

The victim, shot once in the head, continued on into Berkeley, where he veered off onto the Gilman Street exit before crashing to a stop in the Golden Gate Fields parking lot. 

The injured man, a 19-year-old Richmond resident, was rushed to Highland Hospital in Oakland, where he was under treatment in the Intensive Care Unit Thursday afternoon following surgery. 

Albany Police Lt. Mike McQuiston asked for the public’s help in locating the suspect’s car, “which is described as a white, late model American made vehicle, possibly a Buick Regal, with ‘spinner’ wheels, license plate unknown.” 

McQuiston asked anyone with information to call his department at 525-7300. 


Strongarm Robber Empties Till 

A strongarm robber used the threat of force to convince a clerk to empty the till at Cal Copy on Shattuck Avenue near Virginia Street, according to Berkeley Police spokesperson Officer Joe Okies. The bandit was described as a six-foot-tall African American male about 25 years old who was wearing a three-quarter length gray denim jacket and blue jeans.  


Hard-Hatted Weenie Wagger 

An irate citizen called police shortly after 3:30 p.m. Monday to report that a heavyset construction worker clad in jeans and a hard-hat apparently at work on a UC construction project on Berkeley Way near Shattuck had exposed his shortcomings. 


Gang Objects to Photo, Takes Camera 

After a Berkeley woman grabbed a snapshot of a dozen or so folks congregated at the corner of Sacramento Street and Ashby Avenue late Monday afternoon, one of the group expressed his objections by shoving the woman and stealing her camera. 


Traffic Stop Leads to Fracas, Arrest 

Berkeley police officers who made a routine traffic stop at 11:46 p.m. Monday got more than they bargained for when the driver jumped out of his car and fled on foot. 

Before the 27-year-old was handcuffed, he managed to inflict minor injuries on one of his pursuers. He was charged with battery on a peace officer and interfering with officers, then later booked on an outstanding arrest warrant. 


Dispute Leads to Firearm Display 

A dispute between two men at the Black and White Liquor Store at Adeline Street and Ashby Avenue early Tuesday came to an abrupt end after one of the pair produced a pistol.?