Police Blotter

Tuesday July 27, 2004

Bullet Holes Discovered, Twice 

A California Street resident called Berkeley Police last Wednesday afternoon after discovering two bullet holes in a window. No one was injured, nor did anyone recall hearing gunshots. 

An hour later, police were summoned to a King Street address after a similar discovery was made. 


Strongarm Hat Grabbers Busted  

Berkeley police arrested a pair of teenaged armed robbers after they strong-armed another youngster and relieved him of his hat near the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. and Channing ways just before 1 p.m. last Thursday. 


Road Rage Reports, One Arrest 

Berkeley Police were summoned to two reported road rage incidents in the last few days. 

The first time, calls came at 1:58 p.m. Thursday, when officers were summoned to the corner of Benvenue Avenue and Dwight Way by both parties to the incident—one, a pedestrian, claiming that a driver had refused to yield the right of way; the other, the driver, reporting a “crazy” pedestrian. 

No one was arrested.  

Officers were summoned to the intersection of Telegraph and Ashby avenues Saturday afternoon by another road rage report, and this time they made a bust. 

A 59-year-old motorist was charged with battery after he reportedly shoved the other driver, a woman, said Officer Joe Okies, spokesperson for the Berkeley Police.  


Party Incident Leads to Beat-down 

A dispute between two men took a nasty turn during a party just before midnight Friday when the friends of one man piled on the other, punching and kicking their hapless victim. 

When police arrived at the address of Martin Luther King Jr. Way near Rose Street, they summoned an ambulance, and the injured man was rushed to an emergency room for treatment. 


Juvenile Gunmen Rob Wallets 

A pair of young men, at least one of them carrying a pistol, relieved two men of their wallets near the corner of Stanton and Russell streets about 1 a.m. Saturday. 


Toughs Awaken Driver, Steal Car 

Three men awakened a motorist sleeping in his car on University Avenue near Tenth Street early Saturday morning, hauled him out of the vehicle and drove off in it, reports Officer Okies. 

The rudely awakened victim had the strongest memory of one of the trio, described as a 6’6” African American male with graying hair and green eyes who weighs about 240 pounds. 


Knife-flashing Robbers Steal Purse 

Two teenagers, one armed with a knife, stole a woman’s purse around 5:15 p.m. Saturday near the corner of Russell and Regent streets. 


Teenagers Display Pistol, Get Wallet 

A trio of teenage males clad in black hooded sweatshirts approached a man near the corner of Virginia and Acton about 9:54 p.m. Sunday and demanded cash. When the victim complied, the trio fled, at least one of them on a bicycle.