Police Blotter Richard Brenneman

Police Blotter
Friday August 20, 2004

Looked for Strange, Found Badges 

A number of East Bay gentlemen cruising San Pablo and Heinz avenues for a little bit of commercial amorous relief bought more than they bargained for last Thursday when the objects of their amorous desires produced not momentary ecstasy but Berkeley Police badges. 

Berkeley Police spokesperson Officer Joe Okies said the sting, which ran from 5 to 9 p.m., netted 10 arrestees ranging in ages from 22 to 46.  


Stings Net Crosswalk Scofflaws 

For every pedestrian who’s ever harbored dark thoughts at motorists who treat crosswalks like bowling alleys, rejoice! 

Berkeley Traffic Officers Thursday ran the sixth in a series of recent stings aimed at drivers who ignore folks who walk between the painted lines, this time targeting the intersection of Ensenada and Solano avenues. 

Even though merchants and others were yelling “stop” to warn the hapless drivers, 42 wayward drivers earned tickets. 

Officer Okies said 49 drivers were ticketed during a similar operation at San Pablo Avenue and Bancroft way on the 12th, and 52 drivers garnered citations on July 29. 

Since the citations are for moving violations, some citees may end up with higher insurance bills. 

Police take the offense seriously. Last year, Okies said, Berkeley racked up 127 pedestrian involved accident, and three pedestrians have died this far in 2004.  


Exposer Stalks BART Rider 

A woman arriving at the North Berkeley BART station last Friday afternoon found herself being pursued by a not-so-gentlemanly fellow who exposed his shortcomings before fleeing in his wheelchair. 


Ex-Boyfriend Stabbed After Assault 

The ex-boyfriend of a South Berkeley woman paid an unwanted visit to her home late last Friday evening, where he produced a pistol and confronted the woman and a friend. 

In the ensuing scuffle, one of the occupants of the home was struck on the head with the pistol. The 25-year-old attacker was stabbed in self-defense. 

The man was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon, stalking and probation violation. 


Knife-flashing Assailants Foiled  

Two men approached pedestrians near the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Way and Parker Street and flashed a knife. Before they could say what they wanted, the would-be victims fled to a nearby house, where the owner let them call police. 

By the time officers arrived, the bad guys were gone. 


Doorway Arsons Cause Minor Damage 

An arsonist armed with Molotov cocktails tried twice to ignite blazes in West Berkeley, one Saturday morning, the other on Sunday morning, according to Berkeley Police. 

The first attempt ignited a door near Eighth Street and Channing Way, and the second targeted a home near Rose Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Way—where the bottle didn’t break. 

Neither incident caused much damage, according to Deputy Fire Chief David Orth. 


Dispute Leads to Hammer Attack 

A dispute between two acquaintances at Skates on the Bay in West Berkeley took a nasty turn Wednesday afternoon when one produced a hammer and swung it at the other. No serious injury resulted, and no arrest has been made..