Friday October 08, 2004

Wanted: Bank Robbers  

Berkeley Police are seeking the public’s help in identifying two men who robbed Berkeley banks in the waning days of September, said police spokesperson Officer Joe Okies. 

The first suspect, the bare-headed gentleman with the corn rows, threatened a teller at the 1095 University Ave. Wells Fargo branch and escaped with cash. A man in his mid-twenties, he stands about 6 feet tall and weighs approximately 185.  

The second suspect, wearing the baseball cap and the Nike T-shirt, entered the 2333 Shattuck Ave. branch of the Union Bank of California, made a threat and departed with cash. He is about 5’11” tall and witnesses estimated his age at between 35 and 40. (See photos at right.) 

Anyone with information is requested to call the Berkeley Police Robbery Detail, anonymously or otherwise, at 981-5742 or police@ci.berkeley.ca.us. 


Nasty Patient Busted 

A juvenile patient at Herrick Hospital was arrested Monday on charges of assault with a deadly weapon after he kicked a nurse, breaking her glasses. 


Chinese Food Robbery 

Berkeley police are seeking two teenagers who staged a strongarm robbery of a driver delivering Chinese food to a home in the 1500 block of Russell Street about 8 p.m. Monday, said Officer Okies. 

The juvenile bandits fled with the food, presumably to destroy the evidence by applied dentistry and digestion. 


Charged for Ambulatory Nudity 

Responding to calls of a “lanky naked man” perambulating along Oxford Street near Berryman Path at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Berkeley Police arrived to find a 37-year-old man who was, indeed, letting it all hang out. 

Reluctant to surrender himself to the tender ministrations of Berkeley’s finest, the garbless gent resisted, earning himself a charge to resisting a police officer in addition to the indecent exposure rap he’d already accumulated. 


Purse Snatched 

A young man in his mid-20s grabbed the purse of a woman walking along Neilson Street near San Lorenzo Avenue at 9:21 p.m. Tuesday. 

The robber leapt into a nearby vehicle and sped away.