Tuesday November 02, 2004

A Trio of Robberies 

Berkeley Police arrested two teenagers in a series of three armed robberies between 9:32 and 11:44 Friday evening. 

In the first heist, a 19-year-old gunman and his juvenile companion confronted a 32-year-old Berkeley woman as she was walking near the corner of Acton and Virginia streets. 

They fled with the woman’s cash. 

The pair struck next outside 1799 University Ave., taking cash and a cell phone from a 20-year-old Berkeley woman. 

The final incident took place just 18 minutes later, near the corner of Hearst Avenue and California Street, when the robbers confronted a 46-year-old woman but fled before completing the robbery. 

Police initially arrested the pair in connection with one of the heists, then linked them to the other two, said Officer Shira Warren. 

The two were not connected with another robbery at 9:17 p.m. that same evening, in which a lone gunman confronted a woman at 2626 Bancroft Way and relieved her of cash and an ATM card. 

No Details in Shooting 

Police declined to reveal any information about another incident Saturday night involving the shooting into an inhabited dwelling or vehicle near the intersection of Harmon and Sacramento streets. 

That location is not far from the scene of a Wednesday evening shooting involving a victim who was shot on the street outside a home in the 1600 block of Harmon. 

Police have refused to identify the victim, his condition or other details about the case. 


Feuding Pair Gets Nasty  

Berkeley Police were responding to the corner of 65th and Idaho streets shortly after 3:30 p.m. Thursday after callers reported a fight between two women. 

The two combatants, both women, wound up taking out their aggressions not only on each other but on their vehicles as well, smashing out each other’s windshields in the course of the fracas. 

One woman had already fled the scene when officers arrived, and the other had developed a sudden case of temporary amnesia. 

No arrests were made, said Officer Warren.