Lawrence Breaks Ankle At Measure B Party: By J. DOUGLAS ALLEN-TAYLOR

Tuesday November 02, 2004

The Berkeley elections claimed at least one victim last week when Berkeley Unified School District Superintendent Michele Lawrence accidentally fell and broke her ankle in two places during a block party where she had planned to give a talk promoting Measure B. 

The measure seeks supplemental financial support for Berkeley’s public schools. 

The superintendent was working in her office from a wheelchair on Monday, a week after surgery to repair the break and torn ligaments. Her doctors estimate that she will be in a cast for eight weeks, but will be able to navigate on crutches in about a month. 

BUSD Public Information Officer Mark Coplan said that Lawrence is “feeling okay, full of energy,” and that “the outpouring of support from the community has been phenomenal.” 

He said the district has received more than 100 calls from citizens offering assistance to Lawrence, from bringing her dinner to picking her up from home and driving her to work at the district office. 

Coplan said, “It’s nice to have people calling and asking about the well-being of the superintendent.” 


—J. Douglas Allen-Taylor