The Tuesday Tilden Walkers By YVETTE HOFFER

Friday December 24, 2004

We’re Senior Slowpokes who’ve been walking the trails of Tilden Park for over 10 years. And before us we counted on Jeanette Weiss who led us to see Jewel Lake, the Nature trail, the Sylvan Trail and the upper and lower packrat. 

We’re so enthralled with these easy trails that we hardly ever explore beyond their birds and wildlife. Jewel Lake is usually part of the pleasure as we watch the fowl and changing patterns in the water and sky. We feel better breathing cleaner air and watching wildflowers. 

Walk with us for an hour or two as we freshen our spirits with the beauty and majesty of Tilden Park. We love the Nature Area—you can share our morning strolls through one of the most beautiful and inspiring parks in the East Bay. 

We meet every Tuesday at 9 a.m. in the Little Farm Parking Lot. 

You are invited to join us capture the magic of the treasure we have, 10 minutes up Spruce Street to Grizzly Peak to the beauty of our finest East Bay Regional Park. 


—Yvette Hoffer