Return to a Closer Place By DOROTHY BENSON

Friday December 24, 2004

For many it is a far journey to that legendary Place, 

for a few it is merely shinnying the back fence. 

The road can be thin as a blade 

and drop away like a slice; 

it can be slippery as leather on ice. 

Some fall and need a lift up. 


Where the ascent is steep and rocky, 

some sing. Others make jokes. 

Always there are those who share their bread 

or extend and umbrella 

when rain bends the head. 

Another holds a small hand 

or take a shaking arm. 

Some fall back to accompany the faltering. 

Choosing to go alone, 

some travel barefoot, 

with bowed head. 


Each goes the best way he can, 

and each does it in his own time. 


—Dorothy V. Benson