Tuesday January 04, 2005

Date Beater Charged 

Berkeley Police arrested a 24-year-old man for battery just before 3 a.m. Thursday after he allegedly battered his date near Skates on the Bay in the Berkeley Marina. 


Calls Cops, Gets Busted 

A 57-year-old South Berkeley man called police to report a fight, but when officers arrived and checked out the conflicting versions offered by the caller and his sparring partner, it was the caller who got popped. 

Officers were summoned to an address in the 1600 block of Alcatraz Avenue at 7:18 Thursday evening, to discover that “it was an argument that turned to a fight, and at some point, a knife was pulled,” said BPD spokesperson Officer Joe Okies. 

After police checked out the disputants’ conflicting stories, the fellow was taken downtown for booking on one charge of assault with a deadly weapon. 

Officers called the Berkeley Fire Department to offer aid for the other fellow, also in his 50s, who then proceeded to refuse treatment for what was apparently a minor cut. 


Walgreen’s Loses Green 

A short gunman wearing a hooded jacket and a ski mask walked into the Walgreen’s at 2995 San Pablo Ave. at 8:30 Thursday night, pulled a piece and demanded the green contents of the cash registers. 

He escaped with the loot by means unknown. 


Armed Robber Arrest 

A man with a knife approached a pedestrian walking on Bancroft Way near the corner of Telegraph Avenue and demanded his wallet. 

The victim complied, then called police, who were able to quickly identify and arrest the 23-year-old suspect on suspicion of armed robbery, said Officer Okies. 


Victim Foils Bandit 

A man in a dark hooded sweatshirt accosted a woman in the parking lot of the Bank of America branch at 1536 Shattuck Avenue just after 5 p.m. on New Year’s Eve and attempted a strong arm robbery. 

When his would-be victim put up a fierce resistance, the felon fled, jumping into a maroon van and sped away. 


Strange Stabbing 

When her son walked in the door just after midnight Sunday, disoriented and bleeding, a Berkeley mother quickly realized that he’d been stabbed and called 911. The victim was rushed to an emergency room for treatment of his injuries. 

Police found him to be singularly uncooperative, refusing to disclose anything about the attack or his assailant, said Officer Okies.