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Bayer Moves Division Headquarters to Berkeley By MATTHEW ARTZ

Tuesday April 12, 2005

Berkeley is set to be at the center of hemophilia research as the new headquarters for Bayer’s Biological Products Division. 

The German pharmaceutical giant announced last week that it had transferred the division’s headquarters to its Berkeley facility from Research Triangle Park, NC. 

The move coincides with the construction of a $50 million clinical manufacturing facility that will allow the company to test new and existing drugs at Bayer’s West Berkeley campus. 

“This shows Berkeley that we are committed to the city and that we’re here to stay,” said Bayer Communications Manager Sheri Alterman. 

In 2003 Bayer moved nearly 200 jobs from its Berkeley campus to Germany and Connecticut. 

Alterman said Bayer currently employs about 1,400 people at its Berkeley site. According to city officials, Bayer has estimated that the move will bring between 30 and 50 additional jobs to Berkeley this year and as many as 100 jobs over the next couple of years. About 30 employees will be transferred from North Carolina to Berkeley. 

The Berkeley campus, which had already specialized in hemophilia and hematology drug research, will now be the hub for the division’s administrative, marketing and research work. 

Bayer opted to move its division from North Carolina after divesting itself of its plasma protein business, also centered at Research Triangle Park. 

Rumors circulating last week that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger would attend last Friday’s press conference to announce the company’s move drew a devoted band of protesters braving a strong rain. But the governor was a no-show and city officials said they had learned days prior that he would not attend.