Police Blotter By MATTHEW ARTZ

Friday April 15, 2005

Combat Victim 

Police responded to a fight at Piedmont Avenue and Channing Way Sunday at 1:39 a.m. to find a 21-year-old man severely injured. Police arrested the other combatant on charges of battery with great bodily injury. 


Wet Awakening 

A 28-year man awoke to the sound of breaking glass early Sunday morning. When he journeyed to the lobby of his apartment building on Panoramic Way to check out the commotion, a man charged towards him with the building’s fire extinguisher, said Berkeley Police Public Information Officer Joe Okies. The intruder sprayed the tenant in the face and fled the scene. The tenant was not injured in the attack. 


Spraypainter Nabbed 

Police arrested a 65-year-old Berkeley man Sunday after officers reported seeing him around 1 p.m. spaypainting city property while holding a beer in his free hand, according to Officer Okies. The man ultimately had both his hands cuffed behind his body for defacing property at University Avenue and Milvia Street. 


Purse Snatch 

Two teenaged girls grabbed the purse of a 19-year-old walking on the 2600 block of Dwight Way near the American Baptist Church Sunday at 8:44 p.m., Okies said. 


Officer Attacked 

A 28-year-old Berkeley man didn’t take kindly to officers stopping him outside the 7-11 at Telegraph Avenue and Parker Street around 11 p.m. Tuesday. According to Officer Okies, the man attacked and injured one officer on the scene. He was arrested for battery on a peace officer.