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Pegasus Stages Production By Berkeley Playwright By BESTSY. M. HUNTON

Special to the Planet
Friday April 22, 2005

This Monday, at 7:30 p.m., Berkeley’s downtown Pegasus Bookstore at the corner of Shattuck and Durant avenues is sponsoring a free production that should be worth checking out. 

Three of Berkeley’s long-time theater people (actors, directors, founders of theater companies, boardmembers and on and on) will do a staged reading of Where Were You When They Killed Victor Jara? The 10-year-old play, by Berkeley playwright Deborah Rogin, is about the Reagan-era Chillean horror. 

The mini-production is being directed by Stanley Spenger, a stalwart in the local theater community. He is currently working with the Actors Ensemble group as a board member and is heading their selection of plays to perform. He hopes to be able to establish a series of such readings, in which he can both get a preliminary response about the choice and/or provide an opportunity for theater-buffs to familiarize themselves with a play which is currently running. 

Not surprisingly, the three actors in Monday’s reading, David Fenerty, David Stein, and Robert Hamm, are long-term theater people, two of whom are on Actors Ensemble’s board. They all have significant experience in theater in acting, directing. You name it. They’ve got it. It sounds like a good idea.