Alcohol Banned for Fraternities and Sororities By J. DOUGLAS ALLEN-TAYLOR

Tuesday May 10, 2005

One month after an alleged alcohol-related hazing incident brought police attention to UC Berkeley fraternities, the university announced this week a “ban on alcohol consumption at all events hosted by campus fraternities and sororities.” 

The ban goes into effect immediately among the campus’ 70 fraternities and sororities and 2,500 Greeks, and will remain in effect until the university establishes new policies, guidelines, and enforcement procedures for alcohol-related problems in its Greek organizations. 

Early in April, members of UC’s Pi Kappa Phi fraternity were accused of repeatedly shooting a 19-year-old pledge with a BB gun on a Berkeley street after forcing him to drink beer and smoke marijuana. The alleged incident was reportedly part of a hazing ritual. Hazing is banned at the university. 

Andrew Adams, a UC Berkeley senior and a member of a campus fraternity, said he disagreed with the ban, and added it would be impossible for the university to enforce. 

“I don’t think different rules should apply just because you are at a frat,” he said. “You are never going to stop Greek drinking, you are never going to stop campus drinking.” 

Lauren Goschke, also a senior at UC Berkeley, also took issue with the ban, saying it deflected the wider issue of underage drinking at the school. 

“If you look at the campus, all the 18-21 years olds are drinking,” she said, “it’s just the Greek kids that get all the attention.” 

In announcing the ban, UC Berkeley Dean of Students Karen Kenney said that alcohol abuse in the Greek system had been building. 

“Throughout the school year, and especially in the last few weeks, we have seen an alarming increase in problems with alcohol abuse, hazing, fights and badly managed parties at all types of Greek organizations,” he said. “We need to address those issues to ensure student safety.” 

Kenney said she was forming a working group of students and administrators over the summer to work on the new Greek alcohol guidelines. 

UC Berkeley banned alcohol among its chapter house fraternities and sororities in the spring of 2002, but lifted that moratorium six months later.