Tuesday May 10, 2005

Graffiti Warrant Served 

Berkeley Police served search warrants at two Hayward homes in connection with the massive vandalism of shop windows along Telegraph and College avenues early last month. 

Officers searched the homes of two individuals connected with the web site Haywardgraffiti.com, which chronicled the creations of two taggers who signed their works with the same signatures used during Berkeley incidents, where windows were deeply etched with acid. 

Preliminary estimates placed the damage at well in excess of $100,000. 

Berkeley Police spokesperson Joe Okies said a fellow officer shot a pit bull that charged him during a search at a residence in the 2300 block of Jorgenson Lane. The animal later died at a veterinary hospital, he said. 

Though no arrests have yet been made, Officer Okies said “investigators are happy with the results of the search warrants as they pertain to this investigation.” 

He said the dog was released through the front door of a home they were about to search. 

“The pit bull came out barking and snarling and very agitated. It had come within two feet of the officer when he fired twice to protect himself,” Okies said. 


Felony Drunk Driving 

An 18-year-old UC Berkeley water polo player was arrested on charges of felony drunk driving after a Jeep he was driving jumped a curb and struck another student waiting for a bus Friday night. 

Officer Okies said the 20-year--old victim was rushed to Highland Hospital, where she was reported in critical condition. 

The accident occurred about 10:55 p.m. in the 2400 block of Channing Way. 

In addition to the felony drunk driving charge, the suspect was also booked for possession of an open alcohol container in a vehicle and possession of a fake ID. 

“Several passengers who were in the Jeep fled the scene,” said Officer Okies, “and we are still looking into that.” 


Shot at Home 

Police arrested two suspects, one adult, the other juvenile, after multiple 911 calls reporting shots fired in the 3100 block of Fairview Street. 

Officer Okies said a search discovered bullet holes in a residence, though no occupants were injured during the attack.