Friday June 03, 2005

Stick Beating 

Berkeley police arrested a 60-year-old man last Thursday morning on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon after a fight in north Aquatic Park that escalated beyond mere fisticuffs. 

Moving up from fists to a stick elevated the charge from battery to the more serious felony, but the injuries to the 46-year-old victim weren’t bad enough to involve paramedics and an ambulance, said Berkeley police spokesperson Officer Joe Okies. 


Curried no Favor 

A belligerent bandit stormed into the Naan ‘N Curry restaurant at 2366 Telegraph Ave. shortly before 2 p.m. last Thursday and forced a woman behind the counter to hand over the contents of the till. 

Police have identified a potential suspect in the crime. 


Armed Backpack Heist 

A man dropped by the Berkeley Police Station last Friday afternoon to report that a gunman had robbed him of his backpack and wallet as he was walking along Center Street the night before in the vicinity of the new Vista College building. 


Rat Pack Robbery 

A gang of four teenagers cornered a pedestrian in the 1300 block of Rose Street early Friday evening and forced him to hand over his wallet before fleeing the scene. 


Women Stick-up Woman 

Two women in their 20s pulled a pistol on another woman in the 2300 block of Durant Avenue just after noon Saturday, forcing her to hand over her purse. 

The duo was last seen speeding away down Bancroft in a light-colored four-door compact, possibly a Honda, said Officer Okies. 


Edgy Settlement 

An argument between two fellows was quickly resolved when one pulled a knife on the unarmed other in the 1800 block of Berkeley Way at 3 p.m. Saturday. 

Officers summoned to the scene were quickly able to arrest a 29-year-old suspect on suspicion of brandishing a deadly weapon. 


Firearm Resolution 

An argument among a group of young fellows in the 3100 block of California Street just before 7 a.m. Sunday was growing steadily more heated until one of the disputants pulled a piece and flashed it at his confreres before boogying away on his bike. 


Sports Car Bandits 

Two men in a red sports car confronted a man in the 2900 block of Allston Way just before 8:30 p.m. and forced their 49-year-old victim to fork over his camera and wallet. 


Angry Bandit 

A 57-year-old woman was walking along the 2100 block of Walnut Street talking on her cell phone early Monday afternoon when man tried to wrestle her phone away, threatening life and limb in the process. 

The woman held on to the cell, calling police who arrived in time to confront the 35-year-old suspect, who managed to add an additional charge of resisting arrest to his robbery count before officers got the cuffs on him, said Officer Okies. 


Knife vs. Card Table 

When a stabbing victim arrived at Alta Bates Hospital early Monday evening, emergency room personnel called Berkeley police. 

What emerged was the story of yet another argument between acquaintances that took a nasty turn. During the spat, one fellow stabbed the other, who promptly responded by picking up a card table and clocking his assailant. 

Police are still sorting out the threads, and no arrest(s) has/have yet been made. 


Suspect Said Oops? 

A Berkeley police officer recognized a 27-year-old man walking along the 2300 block of Telegraph Avenue and stopped to ask if he’d recovered a bag he’d lost in a previous incident. 

As the two were talking, the hapless fellow was decidedly unpleased and a massive and quite illegal eight-inch, four-bladed throwing star dropped out of his jacket, earning him an immediate arrest. 

His situation became still worse when a search of his car turned up an illegal switchblade and a quick frisk turned up both an illegal syringe and a small quantity of marijuana. 

The fate of the bag remains unclear. 


Sexual Battery, Botched Robbery 

Police arrested a 24-year-old man Tuesday afternoon on charges of battery, sexual battery, attempted grand theft and probation violation after a boggled effort to boost the belongings of a couple who were walking along the 2400 block of Dwight Way. 


Woman-on-Woman Heist 

A 69-year-old woman waiting for a bus near the corner of Shattuck Avenue and Vine Street was confronted by a knife-wielding woman in her 30s who forced her to surrender her valuables. 


Fists for Food 

A young man stormed into the 76 Station at 849 University Ave. Tuesday afternoon, punched out the clerk and escaped with a free meal.m