Fire Department Log By RICHARD BRENNEMAN

Tuesday June 07, 2005

Arsonist Targets Student 

Apartments on Telegraph 

A prompt response by Berkeley firefighters Sunday prevented a small arson blaze in a Telegraph Avenue apartment building from becoming something deadly. 

“It was a small fire, but a fire of great concern,” said Deputy Fire Chief David P. Orth. 

The building, four stories along Telegraph and three along Dwight Way, is home mainly to students. 

Police and firefighters arrived at the Glenn Building at 2550 Telegraph Ave. just after 5 p.m. Sunday, and the blaz e was out minutes later. 

“There was no one injured, and there was minimal damage,” Orth said. 

The Deputy Fire Chief said details of the event were being withheld to assist investigators in their search for the individuals responsible.Ã