Smile: You’re On Red-Light Camera! By MATTHEW ARTZ

Friday July 01, 2005

Red light runners beware. Drivers now face a minimum $331 citation when caught on camera running a red light at the three intersections where Berkeley recently installed cameras. 

For the past month, offenders have received letters alerting them that the camera program would begin June 29. 

The cameras were installed at the intersections of University Avenue and Sixth Street, University and Shattuck Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr. Way and Adeline Street. City studies found that nearly a third of the collisions at the intersections were caused by red light runners.  

To receive a ticket, the entire car must pass the outer crosswalk marking of the intersection after the light has turned red. 

Transol USA, the camera’s manufacturer, will monitor the intersections and send photos of suspected violators to Berkeley police for additional review. 

Transol will receive $48 of every ticket collected.