Alleged Berkeley Gang Members Arrested in Richmond Slayings By RICHARD BRENNEMAN

Friday July 29, 2005

Richmond police have arrested two Berkeley men and are seeking two other city residents—all described as gang members or associates—in a June 27 double slaying in Richmond. 

Two Hayward men were also arrested. 

Richmond Police Lt. Mark Gagan said the deaths of Sean McClelland and Lacorey Brooks, both of Richmond, were retaliatory killings for the June 25 murder of Jamon Monty Williams on the Oakland side of the Berkeley/Oakland border. 

Williams was gunned down in front of Express Auto at 1339 60th St. He was carrying bindles of rock cocaine in his pocket, police said. Oakland Police arrested Orlando Terrell Wiggins Jr. for the shooting. 

McClelland and Brooks were killed by shots from at least three different firearms as they were riding in a vehicle along Harbour Way near Roosevelt Avenue. 

“The subsequent criminal investigation revealed that the shooting was a retaliatory act carried out by a group of Berkeley criminals who are linked by association to” Williams, according to a July 21 Richmond police operation order authorizing search warrants at four Berkeley addresses. 

“Our investigation has identified a conspiracy involving at least six identified individuals,” according to the document. “These people are validated gang members, and/or associates—four of six are on active parole.” 

Murder charges have been filed against three of the Berkeley suspects: 

• Jason Moses “J-Boo” Parrott, 32, of 1130 Bancroft Way, Apt. C. 

• Dwayne Murphy, 24, of 3135 Sacramento St. Apt. 3. 

• Joseph James Carroll Jr., 28, of 2408 Seventh St. 

Murphy has been arrested, but Carroll and Parrott remain at large. Charges are still pending against the fourth Berkeley suspect, age 31, who has also been arrested. 

Also charged in the incident were two Hayward men, ages 27 and 30.