ZAB Hearing Thursday on David Brower Center By RICHARD BRENNEMAN

Tuesday September 06, 2005

The David Brower Center complex is the biggest thing on the agenda when the Berkeley Zoning Adjustments Board meets Thursday. 

The 2200 Oxford St. project features both a “green” building to house offices of environmental organizations and a six-story all-affordable apartment complex. Questions have been raised about the availability of funds to complete both structures. 

The project’s permits are headed to a vote, a crucial step in acquiring funds. 

Other projects on the agenda include: 

• A request by developer Avi Nevo to modify the use permit for his 97-unit residential and commercial building project at 2310 Fulton St. 

• A proposal to demolish an existing one-story single-family home at 1331 Fairview St. to make way for a three-unit, two-story project. 

• A permit request for an addition to a house at 1806 Yosemite street which exceeds city density standards. 

The meeting will be held in City Council chambers at 2134 Martin Luther King, Jr. Way. 


Flying Cottage 

The ZAB subcommittee which is pondering the future of the so-called “Flying Cottage” at 3045 Shattuck Ave. is scheduled to meet Friday from 8-10 a.m. in the second floor Sitka Spruce Conference Room of the city Permit Service Center, 2120 Milvia St. 

The committee consists of three members of the Design Review Committee (DRC)—ZAB and DRC member Bob Allen and DRC-only members Burton Edwards and David Snippen. 

Applicant Christine Sun and her architect Andus Brandt stopped meeting with the DRC and appealed the committee’s rejection of the project straight to ZAB, which appointed the committee to find a compromise on a project that has created strong neighborhood opposition. a