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Commentary: Peace and Justice Needs Citizen Input By ALAN MOORE

Friday September 09, 2005

Musicians and Fine Artists for World Peace has been working since 2001 to establish a U.S. Department of Peace. In partnership with the Peace Alliance we were successful in getting the cities of Berkeley and Oakland to endorse resolutions in support of that initiative. 

After the resolution passed in Berkeley it was attacked by Jonathan Wornick, Gordon Wozniak’s appointee to the Peace and Justice Commission. In a series of letters published in the Daily Planet, he not only criticized the Department of Peace legislation, but the very mission of the commission itself.  

I called for Councilmember Wozniak to reconsider his appointment because Wornick was acting as an obstructionist to any meaningful resolutions dealing with national or international issues 

At the last meeting he voted down Code Pink’s resolution calling for the recall of the California National Guard from Iraq. 

I urge citizens of Berkeley to attend the next Peace and Justice Commission meeting Monday night at 7 p.m. at the North Berkeley Senior Center. Express your opinion on a proposed resolution to get Bush to answer the secret Downing Street Memo that exposed his reasons for invading Iraq and another resolution supporting the withdrawal of our National Guard. 


Alan Moore is a member of Musicians and Fine Artists for World Peace and a former member of the Peace and Justice Commission.?