Arts: Performance Artists Star in ‘ART on BART’ Tour By RICHARD BRENNEMAN

Friday September 30, 2005

Forget moveable feasts. How about a moveable gallery? 

That is what is on offer Saturday when performance artist Amber Hasselbring will conduct guests on her unique day-long ART on BART program. 

For the cost of a $5.80 BART ticket and lunch, Hasselbring will escort participants on a day-long excursion that will begin at 10:26 a.m. at BART’s Civic Center Station in San Francisco. 

The itinerary includes a ride of the entire BART system, with a stop for lunch at the Rockridge Station, and ending back at the Civic Center at 6:06 p.m. 

Participants will be given a book that will include information about the individual artists and their performances, maps of the Bay Area and information about regional ecology. 

Hasselbring often incorporates travel in her work. One of her projects, “Water Triangle,” is a 1,400-mile journey from San Francisco to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, the Owens Valley and back to San Francisco, examining manmade projects to bring water to the desert. Another featured a cross-country road trip. 

“I Stand” was the opposite, a sunrise to sunset vigil last Nov. 6 where she and all who chose to participate maintained a standing vigil at the corner of 5th and Market streets in San Francisco. 

Saturday’s excursion—billed as “An Integrative Bay Area Tour”—will feature a variety of artists and their works, including: 

• Lori Gordon, who will perform “Kiss it Goodbye,” a participatory work about healing and letting go. For more information see www.lorigordon.com/kig.htm. 

• Nicole Krauch, Jenny Selgrath, Levana Saxon and Emily Simon will perform a dance score that evolves from the actions of BART riders. 

• Bill Owens will read from his novel Delco Years, which recounts the events of a survivalist community in Livermore after a virus wipes out most of the human race. 

• Rick Prelinger will present “Wire Landscapes: Making the Invisible Intelligible,” a piece which incorporates radio frequencies. 

• Ted Purves and Susan Cockrell, founders of the Temescal Amity Works, will offer fresh apples from the backyards of their neighbors in Oakland’s Temescal neighborhood. 

• Christopher Woodward and Jessamyn Lovell will offer a work featuring journals and photographs of Lovell taken by participants. 

Seats are limited, so anyone wishing to participate should e-mail Hasselbring at ahasslebring@mindspring.com.