Fire Department Log By RICHARD BRENNEMAN

Tuesday October 04, 2005

“They went, they sat, they came back,” said Deputy Fire Chief David Orth Monday. 

He was referring to the Alameda County Search and Rescue team sent to Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Rita. 

One of the members was Berkeley Lt. Darren Bobrosky, who was back in time to attend last Friday’s badge pinning ceremonies for recently promoted Berkeley firefighters. 

It had been Bobrosky second September trip to the South. He had been dispatched to Mississippi in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to help in body recovery. 


Kitchen fire 

Firefighters responded to a home at 260 Alvarado Road Friday night, where they found a small kitchen fire had already been extinguished by the dwelling’s occupant. 

The blaze did an estimated $1,000 in damage to the home and $1,200 in damage to contents, mostly an oven and a microwave, said Orth.