Friday October 07, 2005

Gang of three 

Three young men confronted an 18-year-old man in the 2100 block of Essex Street about 1 a.m. Sunday and relieved him of his cell phone and wallet, said Berkeley police spokesperson Officer Joe Okies. 


Women robbers 

An hour later, two women approached an 18-year-old woman walking in the 2400 block of Telegraph Avenue and robbed her of her purse and its contents. 


Strongarm heister 

A tall, heavyset fellow braced a 34-year-old man as he was walking in the 1900 block of Sacramento Street about 10 p.m. Sunday and forced him to relinquish his cell phone and wallet. 


Hot wheels 

Police and firefighters rushed to the 1900 block of Curtis Street just before 6 a.m. Tuesday to find a car afire. The cause: arson. Investigators are seeking to learn the identity of the torch involved in the fiery caper. 


Wallet robbed 

A 22-year-old strolling along the 2000 block of Dwight Way a few minutes before 6 p.m. Tuesday found himself face to face with a 20-something robber who physically coerced him into forking over his wallet before the bandit beat feet eastbound on Blake Street. 


Middle school bandit 

Berkeley police responded to a call Tuesday evening from the parent of a Willard Middle School student, who told investigators their child had been the victim of a strong-arm robbery by another student both that day and the day before. Police know who the suspect is and are investigating, said Officer Okies. 


Pipe attack 

Police are seeking the man who struck a 46-year-old man on the head with a section of metal pipe about 1:30 p.m. Wednesday. 


Juvie pickpocket 

Officers conducting a security check near Berkeley High School about 2:45 p.m. Wednesday discovered that one student—apparently a pickpocket in the making—had managed to lift the wallet of another juvenile. 


Chevron heist 

A gunman clad in a Yankees jacket walked into the Chevron station at University Avenue and Sacramento Street just after 5 p.m. Wednesday, pulled a pistol and demanded cash. The clerk complied.