a dance of Berkeley seasons By C.C. SAW

Tuesday December 27, 2005

the slowpoke’s tempo’s 

a challenge to tango to 

in slow motion a la Zab’s give & 

takes, Mayoral giveaways to big 

development, over-the-back throws 

to certain interests, BHS loops & 

borrows amid Council member 

embraces when a fine chin-high kick 

would fit a proper-held leg into Derby 

Street’s unprotected land holding up air 

of otherwise electrified South Campus. 


wheras the drums of Shattuck 

commerce are a drop of solid cautionary 

splash of notes short of parking 

that faces a troubled TAA as well 

just witness out of the sky 

real melting or freezing butter 

flows of traffic if it up & visits 

like when a USC games skews towed 

visitor vehicle revenue, tests the  

already blocked arteries clogged 

if nimble fingers cock loosely above 

the license number box ticket recorder 

to spell out a football weekend welcome 

that you as well as we live 

in a University town. 


and eye on the stilled traffic’s partner 

who covers every avenue 

with a full metal-jacket stall of progress 

as at least a daily occurrence anyway 

yet eyes steady on the meaningless 

height limit cited as reason to withhold 

the stretch of new construction into 

a sky full of lab-leaked experimental 

information availble beyond a reasonable 

level of eye contact between the people’s 

government and the people 

except when there’s a Daily Planet 

to watch & get back to a citizenry 

who’re paying attention 

no matter what the powers-that-think-